If you're thinking of MODIFYING your car, be sure to consider the BRAKES first.

Safety is very important to us, no matter when and where, a good brake plays a big role. In addition to good acceleration, a car must also be able to keep up with braking.

Why modify the brake First?

There will be all kinds of emergencies on the road, and at this time can we stop the vehicle before the accident? The performance of the brakes is very important.

How to choose the right brake for yourself?

  1. MODEL. brake kit is not the bigger the better, just hope the immediate effect is not good. Before you buy a brake, know whether the brake accessories match each other

  2. CHASSIS NUMBER. Although the model of the same vehicle is the same, the chassis number will be different

  3. WHEEL HUB. choose the wheel hub to clearly know the parameters of their car, otherwise it will affect the installation.



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