These Are the Best-Selling Cars in America in 2022

The year is more than halfway through, but the best-selling cars in America are coming into view. Despite record-high gas prices, Americans are still buying full-size pickups more than all other models. So far, the big three have managed to sweep the three highest places among best-selling models in the U.S. this year, with Ford, Chevy and Ram trucks at the top of the charts.

But U.S. carmakers face harsh competition from their Japanese rivals, since Toyota and Honda have more cars among the best-sellers, overall. Toyota has the most models on the list, with a total of 5 out of 25 — or one fifth! And Honda has the second-most models, with a total of 4 cars on the list.

For now, the 25 best-selling cars in America in 2022 are the following, from first to last:

  • 1st place among Top 25 Models Sold in U.S.
  • 299,345 Models Sold

The Ford F-150, and F-Series in general, is not just the “best in Texas,” but is the bestseller in the U.S. full-stop. Not even the midsize and sensible Ford Maverick has hampered the F-150's sales supremacy. And the F-150 Lightning isn’t even out yet; Ford will probably add those figures to its final F-150 sales count at the end of the year.

  • 2nd place among Top 25 Models Sold in U.S.
  • 261,827 Models Sold

The Chevy Silverado is not far behind its nemesis from Ford, but the last few years have seen the Silverado duke it out with the Ram for second place, while the F-150 takes first. The Chevy Silverado EV — based on the Hummer EV — isn’t due for a couple of years, but is priced above the cheapest F-150 Lightning. And we can only guess what that’ll mean for their comparative sales figures.


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